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Rice Bran Oil


Rice Bran Oil is primarily known for its stability making it an ideal oil for high temperature cooking, frying, dressings and cosmetics. It is obtained from the outer layer of the rice kernel or rice bran and has a light honey colored appearance with a bland characteristic odor and taste. 

Rice Bran Oil has an ideal balance of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that make it ideal for sensitive skin formulations. It is frequently used in soap formulations to give soap a rich and creamy texture. It is also found in a few anti-aging formulas.

Personal note: This oil absorbs rather quickly and is light. I enjoy using this particular oil in my formulas for individuals with skin concerns because of its makeup and cost effectiveness. 

Botanical NameOryza Sativa

Ingredients: 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil

Cultivation Method: Solvent extracted, refined

Date of cultivation: October 2017

Shelf Life: about 2-3 years


Other: No preservatives or antioxidants are added to this oil. This natural oil is a refined and has little to no aroma which makes it perfect for blending with essential oils.

Important notes: Because of the pressed method of extraction, it should be stored in a cool and dark to protect it from light. This oil can be prone to oxidation, so store well.  Ours is stored in a cool roomwith argon and nitrogen gas to extend the shelf life for our clients.

Fatty Acid Profile:

  • Palmitic 19.47%
  • Stearic 2.04%
  • Oleic 41.87%
  • Linoleic 32.44%
  • Linolenic 0.9%