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Sesame Seed Oil


Our Sesame Seed Oil is a cold pressed virgin organic oil. It makes a wonderful base for body and massage oils. It offers a fantastic slip while not being too heavy. It blends well with drier oils like argan to give it a drier, quicker absorbing feel.

It's important to also note that this is not a toasted sesame seed oil. Some sesame seed oils can have a darker brown color due to toasting the seeds prior to pressing. Our oil is pressed from the sesame seed with no other processes added so the color is a golden color.

Personal note: This oil has a very rich beautiful feel that some individuals feel is "heavy." I have used this oil and found it to be a wonderful addition to my winter skin blues kit as it adds plenty of moisture to the skin when blended with Tamanu and Argan.

Aroma: This batch of Sesame Seed Oil has a slight nutty aroma because it is a virgin organic oil. It is easily masked by essential oils as it is not a strong aroma.

Botanical Name: Sesamum indicum

Ingredients:100% Pure Virgin Organic Sesame Seed Oil

Cultivation Method: Cold pressed

Date of pressingJanuary 2020

Shelf Life: About 3-4 years

Origin: Mexico

Other: Cultivator utilized organic farming methods but is not certified. No preservatives or antioxidants are added to this oil.

Important notes: We recommend storing this oil at a cool room temperature. Ours is stored in a cool room with argon and nitrogen gas to extend the shelf life for our clients.