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Silver Pendant Aromatherapy Diffusers


How to Diffuse Essential Oils with a Silver Pendant

Essential oils are naturally volatile, which means they evaporate easily, in normal temperatures. When a drop of essential oil is applied to the felt pad for the Silver Pendant, it is absorbed into the material. From there it slowly and naturally diffuses into the air around it.

To use it, lay the felt material flat and apply one drop of essential oil. Once the oil is completely absorbed, it is ready to be placed inside the Silver Pendant.

Only add more oil to the felt when the aroma wafting off it is very diminished. Each felt piece of material will last about 20-30 days. 

It is generally recommended not to use more than one type of essential oil or premade blend for each felt. However, if you would like to utilize one essential oil for a few days and change it to another instead of using a separate felt, I have not found any concerns in doing this.

Please note, that using more that a drop of essential oil on the pad each day can lead to faster saturation. Depending on how saturated your material becomes and length of use while saturated, the more likely it is that the essential oils will deteriorate the beauty of the Silver Pendant.

Each pendant comes with at least three replacement pads.