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Tamanu Oil, Virgin Organic


Tamanu (also called Foraha) Oil can aid in wound healing and supports germicidal actions to kill or prevent infection. It promotes new tissue formation, accelerating healing and healthy skin growth for wounds and scars. It is also a great anti-inflammatory and analgesic oil. It is a traditional medicinal oil of the Polynesian Islands.

Although grown in several locations, this multi-use fixed oil (carrier oil) is normally sourced from Madagascar. The harvesting season ranges from June through December from a tree that produces small fruits in small bunches. Inside the fruit is a smooth, spherical nut with a thin shell around a pale yellow kernel.

The harvested fruits are slightly crushed to extract the nuts. The nuts are then sun-dried for eight weeks. During this time, the nuts turn brown and lose a third of their original weight. It is important to understand that Tamanu oil does not exist in the fruit when it falls from the tree, but forms during the drying period. Once dried, the oil is extracted from the nuts by cold pressing and is then filtered.

There are a few suppliers that sell unfiltered tamanu, so it is important to ask if the tamanu or foraha you are receiving is Filtered or Unfiltered. Ours is filtered.

Aromatherapist note: This oil has a very rich beautiful feel that some individuals feel is "heavy." I have used this oil and found it to be a wonderful addition to my vacation and summer play kits. I love using it on my daughter's eczema as well as mine when it flares up. It is great on skin that is dry! I have found it very nourishing for old scars as well. I also enjoy this in face serums during the summer months.

Color: It is a deep green color with a rich texture that is perfect for sensitive skin. The color can vary depending on the harvest and drying times. In the past I have had more of a dark caramel to brown color. Our current one has a deep green color to it.

Aroma: This batch of Tamanu Oil has a very rich caramel and nutty smell that is just delicious!

Botanical Name: Calophyllum inophyllum

Ingredients:100% Pure Virgin Organic Tamanu Oil

Cultivation Method: Cold pressed

Date of cultivation: Summer 2018

Shelf Life: About 3-4 years

Origin: India 

Other: Cultivator utilized organic farming methods but is not certified. No preservatives or antioxidants are added to this oil.

Important notes: We recommend storing this oil at a cool room temperature. If you choose to store your tamanu in a refrigerator, when the oil temperature gets below below 21° C, the oil will become cloudy and a sediment may form on the bottom of the container. This is completely normal and is actually a sign of the Tamanu Oil’s purity.  Ours is stored in a cool room with argon and nitrogen gas to extend the shelf life for our clients.