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Terra Cotta Necklace Diffusers


How to Diffuse Essential Oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant

Essential oils are naturally volatile, which means they evaporate easily, in normal temperatures. When a drop of essential oil is applied to the surface of the terra cotta piece, it is absorbed into the tiny pores of the kiln-fired clay. From there it slowly and naturally diffuses into the air around it.

To use it, lay the pendant flat and apply one drop of essential oil. Allow the oil time to become completely absorbed into the clay.  When the oil is completely absorbed, it is ready to wear.

One drop of essential oil absorbs into the clay very quickly. But, it takes a LONG time for it to come back out again! The essential oil becomes trapped in the tiny air pockets which hold it and allow it to gradually, slowly, steadily and consistently escape into the air around it.

Only add more oil to the pendant when the aroma wafting off it is very diminished. Then just smear the surface with a bit more oil and you’re good to go! If you consistently add a drop a day, the pendant will become saturated quite quickly, depending on which oils you’re using and whether or not they include carrier oils in the blends.  So if you can still smell your essential oil, you do not need to add more!

Once the terra cotta piece has become saturated with essential oil, it is not necessary to add a drop of oil each day. After a few days you can refresh the surface of the clay with just a smear of oil as desired.

From time to time, if you add essential oils to your TCP on a daily basis, you might find it becomes saturated and won’t take new oil into the pores as well as it did when it was brand new.

To clean it follow these steps:

1) Scrub it with a dish soap – a “green” one will do nicely, brushing vigorously with a toothbrush
2) Scrub with a little vinegar
3) Rinse well under running water for several minutes
4) Soak it in a small bowl of clean, clear water overnight
5) Leave it to dry for a few days, three or four, laying it in the sun if you can

When you begin to use it again, begin with Lemon oil to cleanse it completely. Wait until the Lemon has flashed off before adding another oil.

How can I change the oil that I’m using? Wait until most of the oil has diffused off the pendant, then apply the second one. Some oils will blend nicely so that you can apply a second oil when there is still some of the first oil remaining on the pendant.